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Development Kit "INplc-SDK"

INplc-SDK is an integrated development environment which has several functions such as configuration (setting), programming, debugging, monitoring.
You can develop / debug quite/ smoothly after installing it since it has a lots of track records in the world and the interfaces are intuitive to operate.

INplc-SDK enables you to develop efficiently by wizard funcion / various templates massive help materials since programming is in conformity with global standard specification of PLC Programming "IEC 61131-3".
In addition, you can easily do debugging / adjustment to your programs by debug/monitoring function.

Since it also supports for 6 languages e.g.English, Chinese, Japanese and so local staffs overseas can also use it.
Configuration (Setting)
Configuration (Setting) It can do several settings of INplc (Control Period, Control Task Setting, External I/O Device Setting, OPC Setting etc.).
Such settings are stored per project of PLC program and are downloaded to INplc Controller.

You can also download / upload your project sources, if you download settings including source codes to INplc Controller, you can debug / modify your program using the PLC program source in operation by uploading from INplc Controller.

Programming You develop your program by 5 languages (IL、FBD、LD、ST、SFC) in conformity to global standard specification "IEC 61131-3".

Programming sensuously by multi task functin / function blcok function etc. enables you to shorten your program time.

Created programs can be stored as user library and can be reused, moreover created knowhow can be shared throughout the project.
Then there is a password protection fuction so as to protect the knowhow.

Function / Function Block
Function / Function Block INplc-SDK has function / function block which are convenient for program development as default.
It has from arithmetic function (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) to timer function blocks.
Function (FU)/Function Block (FB)
(Under Construction)

Moreover, there are FWL (Firmware Library) which is a set of Function / Function Block for PLC Engine Use / Windows Function Use etc. other than default Function / Function.
Please use according to your requirements.
FWL (Firmware Library) (Under Construction)

In INplc-SDK, lots of functions are implemented like trouble shooting, maintenance.
You can not only develop efficiently bu also monitor on job sites.
  • Online Mode
Online Mode This is a Mode to display running status / value of contacts, variables graphically by connetting with INplc Controller in operation.
You can check whether PLC program is running normally or not by using this mode.
You can also do forced-overwrite-input to variables / contacts to debug.
  • Logic Analyzer
Logic Analyzer Graphical Representation of real time change on the controller is done as Change by setting trriger terms, sample rate of each contact / variable.
  • Watch Dog & Recipe
Values of contacts / variables on PLC programs are displayed.
If you wriete recipe value directly from watch dog screen, you can set them in INplc Controller together.
You can load / store / inport / export recipe values to / from INplc Controller.
Watch Dog & Recipe

Edition INplc-SDK(Express) INplc-SDK(Pro+)
Product Overview Intuitive and comfortable software for beginner or small project Integrated development environment for bigger and sophisticated
Support OS Windows 7(32bit/64bit)
Windows 8(32bit/64bit)
Windows 8.1(32bit/64bit)
Necessary Specification CPU Over 1.6GHz
Memory Over 500MB
HDD Over 500MB
Communication TCP/IP
Support Language IL、FBD、LD、ST、SFC
Available Tasks Cyclic、Default Cyclic、Event、
Number of Tasks 5 16
Number of Programs 11 1,000
Number of Steps 64,000 500,000