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HMI Interface

INplc is a software PLC in a PC in parallel / coexistent with Windows.
Systems consisted of PLC (Control) + Windows PC(HMI) typically can be achieved in one PC using INplc.
Various HMI (Human Machine Interfaces) are provided to support such compositions.
OPC Server "INplc-OPC Server"
Applications of your own making OPC Server is a standard interface for system development in measurement / control fields, which enables you to connect with HMI software easily.
Typically it is a compositon "Client - Server". So [PLC Program]-[OPC Server]-[OPC Client] like the left figure.
You can use your favorite HMI software as its OPC client.

More Information:
  • OPC Server "INplc-OPC Server"
    (Under Construction)

As above we described about OPC Server, here we prepare for ACTIVE TOUCH as OPC client.
ACTIVE TOUCH runs on Windows PC and you can configure measurement / monitoring system easily from siplay layout to device link (data link) without programming.
Therefore you can put your mind to making your PLC control logics.

More Information:
  • Programless HMI Software "ACTIVE TOUCH" (Under Construction)

Work with Your Applicationa
You can use HMI applications as it is edited by C / C++ / C#.
INplc has communication libraries for Windows applications and C language applications as default.
These libraries enable you to work with Windows applications / C language applications quite easily.

More Information:
  • Work with Applications between INplc and Windows (Under Construction)
  • Work with Applications between INplc and INtime® (Under Construction)

We have prepared for a controller which achieves both SCADA(Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) and PLC function in one PC.
Please refer to below ling if you are interested.