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real time software PLC [INplc] Achieve High-Efficiency PLC function by Windows PC
New PC-Based PLC in
PC is best suited as hardware platform to introduce IoT Technology / Using Big Data in PLC Controllers.
You can use efficient / high-cost-effective PLC controllers since you can create your controller freely choosing hardware and sortware accordong to latest technologies on deamnd in open platfrom PC.
However owing to such flexibility, there was a demerit that users who use PLC controllers must choose hardware and software minutely with self-responsibility.

Micronet has prepared for software PLC producdt "INplc" so as to provide you with PC-based PLC by One Stop both lightning users' burden and utilizing open platform flexibility.
Micronet can choose industrial PC and install real time OS / software PLC into it on your requirements

Micronet has many yeas of track records for industrial solutions based on PC platform, so based on our such experiences, we can provide you with best suited PLC Controllers for you with reliablity and performance.

What is Micronet's PC-Based PLC 『INplc』?
+0.1 ms Control Period --- Fastest in the Industry
INplc can achieve 0.1 milliseconds as the control periodm which is the fastest in the Indusry.
Computing power itself uses powerful CPU of PC, so it can exert high-speed performance compared with coventional hardware PLC.
+Functional Integration by PLC function + PC function
Not only software PLC but also Windows OS can run in parallel on the PC-based PLC Controller.
So far, system configured by separate hardware such as hardware PLC, Windows PC can be integrated into one PC-basec PLC Controller.
Therefore hardware cost, system installwation space and system development efficiency will be much more efficient.
+Available : EtherCAT® / many other Fieldbus
INplc has corresponded to not only expansion I/O boards for PC but also various kinds of fieldbus.
It is needless to say that INplc supports for EtherCAT®, it also support for various kinds of fieldbus such as MECHATROLINK, CC-Link, PROFI NET, FL-net.
You can use these I/O as not only independently but also some combinations on demand.
-Lots of Expansin Inerfaces (Under Construction)
+Integrated Development Environment INplc-SDK
INplc-SDK is an Integrated Development Environment in conformity to global standard specification of PLC Programming "IEC 61131-3".
The interface of INplc-SDK enables you to do intuitive operation for your smooth system development life.
INplc-SDK uses MULTIPROG of PHOENIX CONTACT Software GmbH which has been using for many years for all over the world as the base of this development kit. It has lots of functions for application developments and also supports for English, Germany, Chinese, Japanese.
●Here we list a catalog which shows what INplc is. Please refer to it!
INplc_E.png   Catalog

※EtherCAT® is a trademark of Beckhoff Automation GmbH, Germany.