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~Software PLC available for high-end process~
In manufacturing fields, the innovation for MANUFACTURING is proceeding due to industrial automation technology such as IoT technology, big data technology.
Information technology has been regarded to be out of the field for control world.

However it is desired to integrate such information technology and control technology all together.

We are convinced that this software PLC using PC based platform is the best suited solution for such needs.
Time Assurance by Real time OS
"Can not guarantee by Windows PC!"
Do you think so?
Achieve max 100us(0.1ms) as control period
INplc runs on real time OS "INtime®". Therefore INplc can achieve 100us beyond conventional PLC.
Memory & Hardware independent from Windows
Areas of Program / Memory / hardware are independent from Windows management, so INplc is not affected by Windows control.
Even if Windows freezes, INplc can run!
Even if Windows stops by blue screen, INplc can keep on running without any influences.
Normally Windows OS is installed in INplc Controller.
INplc supports for some interfaces in order to utilize data obtained from software PLC on Windows.
Work with Applications There is a Windows component "INpMac" for data communication between INplc and Windows.

The way is to use shared memory, so the speed of exchange data is too fast.
OPC Connection There are OPC servers dedicatead for INplc other than above mentioned Shared Memory method.

We have confirmed the connectivity with some SCADA software such as JoyWatcherSuite (JT Engineering Inc.), 看太郎32 (TSUBAKIMOTO CHAIN CO.), InTouch (Wonderware).
Plenty Expansion Interfaces
INplc widely support for expansion interfaces for PC in order to use PLC functions.
Kind Status
Digital I/O Available for products of Japanese big expansion board vendors
Analog I/O Available for products of Japanese big expansion board vendors
Serial Communication Available for PC standard RS-232
Available for RS-422A/485 boards
Control Network Available for PC standard LAN & expansion LAN cards
Available for TCP/UDP, FL-net(OPCN-2)
Positioning (Motion Control) Available for products of Japanese motion vendors
Fieldbus Available for EtherCAT®
Available for CC-Link
CC-Link IE
* Refer to "Expansion Unit" for more details. (Under Construction)
Calculation performance INplc Controler can achieve Hight Calculation performance by latest CPU / memory on PC compared with conventinal hardware PLC.
This praph describes Hight Calculation performance by using INplc Controler and by using hardwarePLC.
Each device uses the same PLC programs with I/O contact 64 points and counter so as to compare necessary time to calculate.
We confirm that there is about 20 times of difference in calculation performance between "A firm hardwae PLC" and "INplc-Controller".
※TenAsys®, INtime®, eVM® and iRMX® are registered trademarks in USA of the TenAsys Corporation.
※EtherCAT® is a trademark of Beckhoff Automation GmbH, Germany.