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Make Industrial System efficient by
PC based "Traceable Controller"

Micronet has been provding Industrial Solutions based on PC platform focusing on the priority of PC for about 30 years from our initiation.
Global standard PC Based Controllers are suited for current industrial device control fields calling for IoT and big data. Micronet provides customers as
"Traceable Controller" based on many years accumulated knowledge throughout industrial device control.

"Traceable Controller" which achieves both real time device control and data processing on 1 PC platform can meet your requirements.

What's "Traceable Controller" ?

"RT-Traceable Controller" is a sophisticated Measurement Control Device with highly-efficient measurement control function and data processing function in 1 industrial PC.
You can achieve data storage, data processing, communication such as "Product Management Data", "Quality Information", "Maintenance Data" in 1 PC platform running real time industrial applications.
「Traceable Controller」Micronet Industrial Solution