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Micronet is a realtime solution provider with PC based control technologies. We have three major activities.

The first one is the RTOS ( RealTime Operating System ) for the industrial system. Micronet is the master disrtributer of TenAsys® in USA. TenAsys® products such as INtime®, iRMX® for Windows for Japanese market.

The second one is the derivertive system products for the RTOS. Micronet has been developed many products such as drivers, PLCs, and middlewares.

Micronet provides the customers with System Intergration service with the RTOS. We have a lot of experiences at verious area such as semiconductor/LCD-panel manufacturing/testing equipments, robots, machine control, plant control, instrumentations and so on. Micronet can Develope and maintain those systems instead of customers.

Company Name Micronet Company
Establishment April 1, 1989
Capital 40,000,000 yen
Managing Director Ikutaro Yamasaki
Major Business Activity Development and Sales of Industrial Computer System Basic Software
Development of Industrial Computer System on Consignment
Development of C/S System on Consignment
Development of Network System
Number of Employees 40
Head Office
[R&D Center]
3-8-11 Horiwari, Kamisu-shi,Ibaraki 314-0135, Japan
TEL +81-299-90-1733
FAX +81-299-92-8557
※TenAsys®, INtime®, eVM® and iRMX® are registered trademarks in USA of the TenAsys Corporation.