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How to Install INplc

Micronet's INplc Controller
INplc Controller When you adopt INplc products,
"INplc Controller" must be needed as the requisite.
When you install software PLC, you usually have to choose / assemble PC hardware where software PLC runs and external I/O interfaces and have to install required software like Windows OS on your own.
Micronet can take on such kinds of works needed when you install software PLC as one stop so that you can start to use it as INplc Controller as sonn as you purchase it.
You can enjoy INplc at once by adopting this INplc Controller.

Installation of INplc Controller
Please choose some hardwae according to your requirements when you'd like to adopt INplc Controller.
1. Choose PC hardwae
Please choose industrial PC you'd like to use as INplc Controller.
Micronet is always doing performance evaludation / operating evaluation on latest industrial PC platformas, since Micronet has partnerships with lots of domestic / overseas industrial PC vendors.

Please choose ones which meet your needs since we can introduce the best suited hardware to you as INplc Controller.
  • More Information:INplc Controller (Under Construction)

External I/O
2. Choose External I/O hardwae
Please choose External I/O devices after fixing industrial PC.
INplc has corresponded to not only expansion boards like PCI / PCI Expressfor PC but also various kinds of fieldbus like EtherCAT®, MECHATROLINK, CC-Link. Moreover INplc has corresponded to some communications like serial communication, TCP communication, FL-net.

If you choose ones on demand, Micronet can attached them to provide you.
You can add such kinds of external I/O devices after purchase on your own.
  • More Information:Expansion Unit (Under Construction)

3. Choose Others
Besides, you can choose Windows OS and can add OPC Server functions / HMI, SCADA software.
Please talk to us according to your requirements.

Product Warranty
4. Product Warranty
INplc Controller is a product which Micronet provides you as Software PLC Controller by using your chosen PC.
You can use it at ease since Micronet assures from PC hardware to PLC engine software as one stop.
  • More Information:Prodcut Warranty for INplc products (Under Construction)
  • More Information:Repair Service (Under Construction)

How to develop INplc Program
The installer of development kit
"INplc-SDK(Express)" will be attached if you adopt INplc Controller.
INplc-SDK(Express) is PLC Program Development Kit based on Global Standard "IEC 61131-3".
  • LD(Ladder Logic)
  • SFC(Sequential Function Chart)
  • FBD(Function Block Diagram)
  • ST(Structured Text)
  • IL(Instruction List)
Above 5 languages are supported.

You install it in Windows PC for development use, then you connect to INplc Controller which becomes a target PC via LAN cable in order to download programs from development PC.
In addition, you can debug / modify on the job sites using INplc Controller itself in case that you install this development kit into INplc Controller.
Development Kit
We have prepared for "INplc-SDK(Pro+)" which can use much more tasks / functions than INplc-SDK(Express).
Please consider it according to your system requirements.
Regarding details on INplc Program Development Kit, Please refer as follows.
Our Japanese technical staffs can support you on INplc-SDK.
Our experienced staffs can support you with full force so that you can put forward in your develomeont life smoothly.
  • More Information:Technical Support for INplc products (Under Construction)