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RT-Traceable Controller

Micronet has been providing PC Based Industrial Solutions focusing on advantages of PC since our foundation of 1989.

Global standard PC Based Controllers are best suited for industrial device control called for IoT and Big Data.

Micronet provides customers with many years of accumulated knowhow based on PC Based device control as "Traceable Controller".

Traseable Controller is the best suited & newest Controller for IoT with both high-efficiency real time control and data processing such as product management, Quality, Maintenance
◆What's RT-Traceable Controller?
・Standard PCs are used for Controller as hardware without vendor limitation and with compatibility.
・Control Period is up to 100μs.
・Real time applications like control are executed by real time measurement control engine package.
・Regarding Real time measurement control engine, you can select according to your requirements,
  e.g. for C Language, for PLC Language, for dedicated function.
・Industry-Standard and Global-Standard can be used for network and external I/O of measurement /
  control system.

●Here we list a catalog which shows what RT-Traceable Controller is. Please refer to it!


●Regarding more details on RT-Traceable Controller, please refet to below link, too.

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