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Real Time Controller available for EtherCAT®
Micronet has preprared for PC-Based real time controllers.
Some of them are used by C / C++ language in yoiur controll program developments, and are also by PLC language, according to your requirements.
All of theses real time controllers are for EtherCAT®, so you can use them as EtherCAT® Master Controller as it is.
Development Language Delivery Name Description
C / C++ Language(Visual Studio)
※ for INtime®
Software Package
EtherCAT® Master Software
PLC Languages(IEC61131-3 Basis) PC-Based Controller Real Time Software PLC
C# Language(VisualStudio) PC-Based Controller Real Time Controller
「RT-C Language Controller」
Graphical Program Development
(Function Block)
PC-Based Controller Real Time Controller
C/C++/C#(Visual Studio)
※ for Windows
Software Package EtherCAT® Master Software for Windows

EtherCAT® Slave Devices
We also deal with EtherCAT® Slave Devices together with Master Controllers.
We can correspond to troubles smoothly after you introduce EtherCAT® solutions to your systems if you've adopted slave devices bundled with EtherCAT® Master Controllers.
Company Slave Type Product Image
ALGO System.
【ALGO System.】
  • Digital Input / Output
  • Analog Input / Output
  • Motion Controller
  • Encoder Input
  • SIO Gateway
Slave Image
ADLINK Technology Japan Corporation
【ADLINK Technology Japan Corporation】
  • EPS Slave System
Slave Image
M-System Co.,Ltd.
  • Remote I/O R8 Series
Slave Image
OMRON Corporation
  • Digital Input / Output
  • Analog Input / Output
Slave Image
Panasonic Corporation
  • Servo Motor
Slave Image
Beckhoff Automation GmbH
  • Digital Input / Output
  • Analog Input / Output
Slave Image
WAGO Company of Japan,Ltd
  • Digital Input / Output
Slave Image

Taiwan Pulse Motion Co., Ltd.
  • Digital Input / Output
  • Analog Input / Output
Moreover, we handle products of some slave vendors. Please ask our sales staffs for more details.

EtherCAT® Motion Package
We recommend the following 2 prodcuts which provide motion control solutions using EtherCAT®.
Company Product Description
【TECHNO Co.,Ltd.】
PC Base Fine Motion RTMC-EC RTMC-EC
【Read More...】

What is EtherCAT®?
「EtherCAT®」(Ethernet for Control Automation Technology) is a high-speed field networktechnology optimized for machine control.
It was developed by Beckhoff Automation, Germany who handles PC-based FA control solutions, its technology is an open field network compatible for Ethernet, it enables you to do high-speed & high-precision control by efficient data transfer.
It is suitable for industrial machine control with high-tact-time such as semiconductor manufacturing equipments, machine tools, injection molding machines.

※TenAsys®, INtime®, eVM® and iRMX® are registered trademarks in USA of the TenAsys Corporation.
※EtherCAT® is a trademark of Beckhoff Automation GmbH, Germany