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Achieve Real time Motion Control with Freedom

◆ Best Suited for Multi-Axis Conveyance / Positioning
  • Motion Controller Software using PC based platform
  • Achive High-Speed & Minute motion control
  • Control can be done by PLC, C language programs
  • EtherCAT®/MECHATROLINK are also available
Item RT-Motion
Control Num of Axis 60 Axis
Control Synchronous Fastest 250 microseconds
Position Control
Command Type C/C++/C#/PLC language(LD,FBD,SFC)
   Application Example1   
Gantry Loader
Gantry Loader
Work Convey
XYZ3 axis
+Rotation 1 axis
Best suited for multi axis control
from small to large types
   Application Example2   
Convey Carriage
Convey Carrigae
Pallet Convey
XY2 axis
Easy setting for many positional information
by teaching
Reason why you selct RT-Motion
Compared with regular PLC, exhibit several hundred times of calculation performance by using latest CPU
Best suited for multi axis positioning where cycle time is important
High-Speed Processing
②High Precision like Machine Tool
Achieve High-Resolution of -2,147,483,648~2,147,483,647 pulse by Command Type
Best Suited for multi axis positioning / assembly where precision is important
High Precision like Machine Tool
③Correspondence for Fieldbus
Ultrafast fieldbus EtherCAT® & MECHATROLINK-Ⅲ are also available.
You can select servo for EtherCAT® / MECHATROLINK-Ⅲ freely.
Correspondence for Fieldbus
④Many development languages
Not only ladder / FBD / SFC but also C / C++ / C# by Visual Studio are available.
You can select development languages freely.
Many development languages

◆ Resolve your problems
We'd like to improve the quality and reduce production cost by storing various data of points of productions such as production control data, control data, quality data, maintenance data.
RT-Motion can do data-sampling and store data which you'd like to acquire such as production control data, control data, quality data, maintenance data as CSV format or arbitrary DB format although RT-Motion is in operation. High-capacity storage can be used since it is a PC based controller.
Though certain technicians seek improvements using ladder language, the techniques are not taken over. We'd like to replace "Galapagos" techniques by certain vendors with standard techniques
RT-Motion implements the application interface based on international standard specification of PLC called "IEC61131-3".
Moreover, RT-Motion also implements the application interface for Microsoft Visual Studio C / C++ / C#, so it is best suited for standard development languages.

※EtherCAT® is a trademark of Beckhoff Automation GmbH, Germany.