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Development and Sales of Trasable Controller
Make Industrial System efficient by PC based "Traceable Controller"
  • Trasable Controller is the best suited platform for IoT which can deal with data of product management, Quality, maintenance all together with running real time industrial applications.
  • INplc is the PC-Based PLC with Functional Integration by PLC function + PC function and 0.1 ms Control Period.

Development of Industrial Computer System on Consignment
Development of on-line measurement control systems using industrial computers,
communications know-how, external I/O, real-time OS, and others related fields.

Main specialized fields for development:
  • On-line measurement control system for steel plants and in other industrial sectors
  • Gate access control system for libraries, amusement parks, public pools, public stadiums, art museum, and other facilities
  • On-line security system
  • Production control system using PCs and LAN systems

Network Integration
  • Building the infrastructure of the network systems such as Windows NT/2000, SQL Server, Ethernet and so on.