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Real Time Controller available for EtherCAT
Micronet has preprared for PC-Based real time controllers.
Some of them are used by C / C++ language in yoiur controll program developments, and are also by PLC language, according to your requirements.
All of theses real time controllers are for EtherCAT, so you can use them as EtherCAT Master Controller as it is.
Development Language Delivery Name Description
C / C++ Language(Visual Studio)
※ for INtime
Software Package
EtherCAT Master Software
PLC Languages(IEC61131-3 Basis) PC-Based Controller Real Time Software PLC
C# Language(VisualStudio) PC-Based Controller Real Time Controller
「RT-C Language Controller」
Graphical Program Development
(Function Block)
PC-Based Controller Real Time Controller
C/C++/C#(Visual Studio)
※ for Windows
Software Package EtherCAT Master Software for Windows

EtherCAT Slave Devices
We also deal with EtherCAT Slave Devices together with Master Controllers.
We can correspond to troubles smoothly after you introduce EtherCAT solutions to your systems if you've adopted slave devices bundled with EtherCAT Master Controllers.
Company Slave Type Product Image
ALGO System.
【ALGO System.】
  • Digital Input / Output
  • Analog Input / Output
  • Motion Controller
  • Encoder Input
  • SIO Gateway
Slave Image
ADLINK Technology Japan Corporation
【ADLINK Technology Japan Corporation】
  • EPS Slave System
Slave Image
M-System Co.,Ltd.
  • Remote I/O R8 Series
Slave Image
OMRON Corporation
  • Digital Input / Output
  • Analog Input / Output
Slave Image
Panasonic Corporation
  • Servo Motor
Slave Image
Beckhoff Automation GmbH
  • Digital Input / Output
  • Analog Input / Output
Slave Image
WAGO Company of Japan,Ltd
  • Digital Input / Output
Slave Image

Taiwan Pulse Motion Co., Ltd.
  • Digital Input / Output
  • Analog Input / Output
Moreover, we handle products of some slave vendors. Please ask our sales staffs for more details.

EtherCAT Motion Package
We recommend the following 2 prodcuts which provide motion control solutions using EtherCAT.
Company Product Description
【TECHNO Co.,Ltd.】
PC Base Fine Motion RTMC-EC RTMC-EC
【Read More...】

What is EtherCAT?
「EtherCAT®」(Ethernet for Control Automation Technology) is a high-speed field networktechnology optimized for machine control.
It was developed by Beckhoff Automation, Germany who handles PC-based FA control solutions, its technology is an open field network compatible for Ethernet, it enables you to do high-speed & high-precision control by efficient data transfer.
It is suitable for industrial machine control with high-tact-time such as semiconductor manufacturing equipments, machine tools, injection molding machines.

※EtherCAT® is a trademark of Beckhoff Automation GmbH, Germany